I am honoured to represent Fundy Royal in the House of Commons as your Member of Parliament. I look forward to helping build and strengthen Fundy Royal, our Province and our Country.

We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of Canada where urban and rural communities are within a short drive of each other allowing Families to be able to work and spend more quality time together.

The Fundy Royal Riding is a source of diverse knowledge, education and experience.  This diversity brings innovation, creativity and prosperity to Fundy Royal.

We have so much to be Proud of in Fundy Royal.  I will continue to work for all Constituents to help Fundy Royal Thrive for Your Family and Mine.


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I’m honoured to be reappointed as Shadow Minister for Justice and Attorney General of Canada for the 44th Parliament. It’s a privilege to continue the important work of protecting the rights of Canadians under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and ensuring that our justice system functions effectively and protects victims of crime. I’m looking forward to providing critical oversight to ensure that legislation brought forward by this Liberal government doesn’t infringe on the rights of Canadians and keeps our communities safe. I look forward to my role as Justice Shadow Minister and continuing my work for the Constituents of Fundy Royal.

Rob Moore MP